You Need A Haircut, You Really Need A Haircut

Whenever I hear someone say that they really need a haircut, my child of the nineties brain immediately references this old awesome haircut commercial that used to play on Disney a million times a day.  Does anyone else remember this?

If you know me, you most likely know my preference about Steve’s hair.  I like it when he keeps it long and hippie-ish, so whenever he tells me that he really needs a haircut, it becomes a three or four week tug of war between us.  I try my best to delay the inevitable haircut and he keeps bugging me about it until I finally cave and am forced to say a sad goodbye to his long pretty locks.

In an attempt to be more domestic and wifely, this time around when Steve started mentioning it was haircut time, I asked if I could cut it.  To my surprise he actually said yes.  The chance of having uneven choppy hair courtsey of my haircutting skills wasn’t enough to scare him out of an opportunity to be cheap and get a free haircut.

Before picture: (not sure why he chose this location to play with the iPad…)

So we sat down to start the journey toward a cleaner-looking, short-haired Steve.  I put a towel under a chair in the living room and went to work.  I was a little antsy knowing that we had a bit of a time constraint because of a friend we had coming over, but I reluctantly took a breath and cut that first strand.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It looked pretty good by the time I was finished, but I think it’s going to take me a few more times to get the hang of cutting evenly without having to spend a chunk of time at the end checking for longer/uneven hairs.  We accumulated enough hair on the floor to make a pretty nice wig.  My hair falls out like crazy so I’m thinking maybe I’ll start collecting Steve’s hair to make a wig when I finally go bald one of these days.  Okay, it’s not that bad, I’m just being dramatic.

Overall, we were both satisfied with the way it turned out.  We both found a few uneven hairs throughout the next few days, but I just prefer to say I was going for the “textured” look.  Socrates was pretty jealous of all the grooming that was going on, so he quickly got in on the haircut action and came out looking quite dashing.  Here’s his before:

We took him to a new groomer that was recomended by our vet and she did a fantastic job.  Doesn’t he look like he’s ready for the dog show?  Too bad he doesn’t know how to act civilized like those obedient dogs…


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