Hello World!

First blog post, wow.  Hopefully I’ll look back on this in a few years and reminisce about how far the blog has come.  To be perfectly honest, I’m not quite sure what my intentions are with this blog.  I’m in the middle of a quarter-life crisis at the humble age of 24, thinking that I’ve done a terrible job of documenting my life thus far and visualizing a mile long to-do list in my head of things I want to start doing that’s constantly getting longer (darn you, Pinterest), so for now I’m going to roll with the punches and just write about my daily adventures.

My goal is to post about three times a week, so hopefully by owning up to that on this initial post, it’ll keep me honest and motivated to sit down and just do it already.  Nothing new or monumental to share today, I thought the first intro post would get the ball rolling and give me that extra push I need to get this thing going already.  So, for now, this is all.  See you in a couple of days!

Oh, and a note about the not-very-relevant picture above – I love our engagement/wedding photos so much that I’ll use any excuse to push them in your face whenever the opportunity presents itself!


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